Broomwood in Ethiopia

Broomwood in Ethiopia was set up as a charity in 2012 with a vision to build a school in Northern Ethiopia, providing education for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. St. George's School is an independent co-educational school providing a high quality and free education for orphans and vulnerable children. It opened its doors in March 2014, to its first 100 children, aged 5 and 6, and now educates 250 children who otherwise would not be able to afford an education of any kind, completely free of charge.  All funding is raised through donation in the UK


Creating Social Change Through Building, Enterprise and Community

The school has been designed over a series of courtyards and construction phased to meet the growing needs of the school to take children up to Grade 12. Phase 2 was completed in May 2016 and the Head of Education there declared the school as new standard for education in Ethiopia. Work on Phase 3 is underway and the school has become a lifeline for the surrounding community employing local women and growing crops to supplement the two meals provided to each child everyday. 


DESIGN ARCHITECT: Alison Mears, New York

PROJECT ARCHITECT: Lucy Brooke, London

Lucy brings technical expertise to the project as well as on the ground experience having spent 8 months on site. Since returning to the UK Lucy continues to travel out frequently to site. In addition to detailed design Lucy's role as Project Architect encompasses implementing sustainable design, land registration, VAT, and energy procurement. 


Lucy works in close collaboration with the local community, looking carefully at local resources, climate, culture and skills to ensure high quality construction standards and maximise social impact. 

In Ethiopia there exist strict tender laws and during each stage of work and Lucy works closely alongside the local architects and engineers to oversee the tender process to prevent against corruption and ensure a fair bid.